Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services – Noosa, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

We provide professional insolvency advice to Accountants, Financial and Legal Advisers, Corporations and Individuals.

We specialise in and take appointments for the administration of:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Part X personal insolvency agreements
  • Section 73 Annulment proposals
  • Part IX Debt Agreements (by referral)
  • Statutory Trustees

By affiliation our corporate services include:

  • Analysis and advice as to Directors responsibilities and liabilities attaching to Insolvent trading and the Superannuation and PAYGW regime
  • Analysis and advice as to most appropriate course to take if company is deemed insolvent. Explanation of relevant procedures.
  • Arrange and organise appointment of affiliate Registered Liquidator for the administration of:
    • Voluntary Administrations.
    • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations.
    • Receiverships.
    • Court Appointed Liquidations.
  • Hands on in the field administration of Liquidations, Administrations and Receiverships which relate to such appointments.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Ensure Debtors, Directors and Creditors are treated with respect.
  • Ensure, through thorough investigating and the obtaining of realistic sale prices for asset that creditors receive maximum returns

Hugh David Ramsay

Hugh is a Chartered Accountant; Registered Tax Agent; Registered Company Auditor, Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy and Commissioner for Decla­rations.

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