Changes to activity statements (BAS & IAS)

The ATO have changed their policy relating to most BAS and IAS effective 1st July 2014.

If you lodge your activity statement on paper you will continue to receive the paper activity statements until one of these are lodge electronically.

Electronic lodgement can occur in several ways:

  • through our tax agent portal; or
  • through the BAS agent portal; or
  • through the business portal.

The most common scenario that may instigate this change will be if we prepare and lodge a BAS or IAS, or revise an earlier lodged BAS or IAS, on your behalf. Generally we will lodge these with the ATO using our electronic lodgement interface. As a result, you will no longer receive paper activity statements for all future BAS and IAS from this time.

In order to re-instate the process of receiving paper copies of your activity statements we will need to contact the ATO and make the necessary election.  We will endeavour to organise this automatically on your behalf however in the event that you fail to receive your paper activity statements please contact our office and we will arrange accordingly.