Making the transition from working to retirement pensions

From 1 July the tax treatment of Transition to Retirement Pensions (TRIS) will change significantly.

Should you continue drawing your TRIS after this date?

The income generated in your superannuation fund that supports your TRIS has been exempt from tax up to now, however this concessional treatment will end on 30 June 2017.

From 1 July 2017 the tax rate on such income will increase from 0% to 15%.  The effect of this change in tax treatment could be significant if your TRIS balance is substantial.

If you are currently drawing a TRIS from your superannuation fund, the cost/benefit decision to continue with the strategy will be dependent upon several key variables.

If Stratogen looks after the administration of your self managed superannuation fund your Stratogen Accountant will be in touch soon to discuss the strategy that best suits your circumstances.

For all other clients drawing a TRIS please contact your Stratogen Accountant.

Do you have friends, relatives etc. that have a TRIS?  Perhaps Stratogen could help them work through the options available to them.  We would love to hear from them!

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